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Mahindra Genset 200 kVA

FOB Prices : $ 16190 – $ 19135

Min Order: 1 Set

Sold By: Silkways Pvt Ltd

    M&M make engine Model mPower 62485G, 6 cylinder, inline, 4 stroke cycle, LIQUID COOLED, developing  248 BHP at 1500 RPM under NTP conditions of BS:5514. The engine shall be provided with electrical starting  arrangement & shall give the electrical output of 200KVA/160KW at 0.8 power factor, 415Volts at the alternator  terminal.

Production Capacity : 20

Material : Metal

Mahindra Genset 200 kVA

∙ Compact, Sleek, Manual/ Automatic. 
∙ Low vibration, low fuel consumption. 
∙ Class A1 Governing in its range, which gives better accuracy in decreasing the speed drop in  transient and lowering the recovery time of the speed. 
∙ Low cost of service & spares 
∙ Low operation cost  
∙ The Enclosure is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily. 
∙ The sheet metal components are 11 tanks pre-treated and is Polyester based powder coated (inside as  well as outside) for long life.  
∙ Battery is provided in a tray inside the enclosure. 
∙ Doors are gasketed with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound. 
∙ A special Residential silencer is provided to control exhaust noise. 
∙ Specially designed sound attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry & exit points inside the  enclosure. 
∙ To make the system vibration free, engine and alternator are mounted on specially designed anti-vibration  pads mounted on base frame. 
∙ The enclosure is designed and layout of the equipment is such that there is easy access to all serviceable  parts. 
∙ Adequate ventilation is provided to meet air requirement for combustion & heat removal.  ∙ The silent DG set comes with following safety features: 
⬧ High water temperature. 
⬧ Low lube oil pressure. 
⬧ Emergency stop push button outside the enclosure. 

∙ Specially designed Standard Control Panel is mounted inside enclosure itself.  
∙ In-built draw in type fuel tank of suitable capacity. 
∙ With UV resistant powder coating, can withstand extreme environments 
∙ The walls of the enclosure are insulated with the retardant foam so as to comply with the noise level of 75  dB(A) at distance of 1 mtr. in open free field environment as per ISO 8528 part 10 specified by ministry of  Environment & Forest.

  Power   248 kW   Dimension   3750 x 1300 x 1700 mm (L x W x H)   Brand   Mahindra Powerol
  Rating   200 kVA   Weight   2630 kg    Aspiration   TCI
  Voltage   415 V   Country of Origin     Made in India   Bore x Stroke   105 x 137 mm
  Fuel Type   Diesel   Frequency   50 Hz   Displacement   7200 cc
  Number Of Cylinder   6   Duty   Prime   Starting System   24V DC Electrical
  Rated Speed   1500 RPM   Power Factor   0.8 (lagging)   Lube Oil Change Period   500 Hrs
  Rated Current Capacity         278 A   Governing Class   G2 as per ISO 8528     part V   Radiator Coolant Capacity   24Ltrs
  Number Of Phases   Three Phase        

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