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SHREEJA HEALTH CARE, SH - 1200, Cold press, oil extraction machine, 1200 watt

FOB Prices : $ 590 – $ 596

Sold By: shreeja health care

    Less labor consumption: screw oil press will save labor 60% less than the other oil presses because just one or two people can operate it. 3. High oil pressing rate: the oil yield of screw oil press maybe 2-3% higher than the old types, which has a sound economic benefit.

    Pan India delivery available with export facility

Min Order : 1 Piece

Production Capacity : 30

Payment Terms : Prepaid

Material : steel

The OIL MAKER MACHINE used to extract oil from various oil bearing seeds. They include: ground nuts, sesame, sunflower, cotton seed, castor seed and lin seeds, and etc just to mention a few. With more technological advancements in the agricultural sector and inaccesibility of more developed large scale oil mills, many individuals have opted to set up a complete mini oil mill in their local places. Not only have these oil mills help generate income in rural areas but they have also helped to create numerous employment opportunities in the villages. Owing to their simplicity and ease of handling, most of these oil  machineries are manufactured.

  • With the numerous advantages that come with, there is no doubt that its gaining popularity amongst small scale farmers who have chosen to engage themselves in this lucrative oil milling business. Some of the advantages of owning a mini oil mill machinery are as thus:
  • It helps one realize full profits by eliminating the exploitative middlemen who will always want to link the farmer to the oil millers. It also cuts on expensive transportational costs as well as hefty taxes that one would have to pay to a centralised miller in order to get their oil seeds processed.
  • Oil cake, a by-product during oil production, has helped many farmers practise mixed farming as its not only a highly nutritious animal feed but also helps to boost milk production in dairy animals.
  • The l machine is easy to operate and maintain. This saves the farmer more time as well as resources that could be wasted while trying to catter for the same.
  • These oil mills help to encourage rapid rural development since they facilitate wealth creation and open up employment opportunities for the villagers thus improving their living standards significantly.
  • The technology used to craft these type mills is so simple that no hard training should be undertaken in order for one to master how they operate.
  • Just like large scale mills, the oil produced is of high quality with its filtration even giving it a more natural transparent appearance. The same for the oil cake produced.
  •  Should one want to venture in the oil milling industry, its best advisable to get a mini oil mill machinery.
 Model  SH - 1200 
 Type  Cold press
 Input voltage  220- 240 volt ac
 Total power  1200watt 
 Motor power   0.8 hp 
 Power consumption  1.2 unit / 1 Hrs machine work
 Rpm  72 Rotation per minute
 Capacity  8 - 10 Kg per hour ( ACC to material size  ) 
 Keep working  10 – 12 hrs continues
 Weight  40 Kg
 Size  24 ( L ) * 9 ( W ) * 24 ( H ) inch
 Warranty  1 year

Basic Info.

Model No.
SH - 1200
Multi functional Oil Press Machine For Home for Pressing Peanuts, Coconut, Sesame, Soybean, Walnuts, Sunflowers seeds and etc
Transport Package
By air, By sea, by road
Country of Origin
 Power consumption  1.2 unit / 1 Hrs machine work
Shreeja Health Care
 Capacity  8 - 10 Kg per hour ( ACC to material size  ) 
Mode of Shipping : By Air, By Sea, By Surface

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