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  • CNF Price:USD 5 kg [$ 4.99 kg]
  • Min.Order Quantity:1000 kg
  • Supply Ability:1000000 kg / 1 week
  • Port:Kabul Airport
  • Payment Terms:Cash ,Online,Western Union,MoneyGram, Other,
  • Quantity: kg
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Almonds are a native crop to Afghanistan and have been commercially exported for decades. It is sold in-shell as well as kernels. Almonds have a high nutritious value and contain a high level of calories. They are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. There are over 40 varieties of almonds grown in Afghanistan. Satyarbahi variety is the most popular and profitable. In the North of Afghanistan, the almond season stretches from July until the end of September. Afghanistan the almond varieties grown are under two major classes: soft-shell almonds, known locally as badam-e kaghaz (literally, "paper almond"), which can be easily broken by hand; and hard/medium-shell almonds with the local name of badam-e-sangi (literally, "stone almond"). Almond production was recorded at 62,000 metric tons during 2012, a 2% increase over the 2011 figure of 60,610 metric tons. Major production took place in the provinces of Samangan, Baghlan, Tahar, and Parwan, with Samangan recording the highest yield. Most of the almonds produced are consumed within the country with only 3% quantity exported. They are marketed both in-shell and shelled. Its export variety is as competitive as the Californian almond and cheaper than the variety marketed by Spain, and therefore exports have a price advantage for export to Central and South Asia.
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Packaging is a very important part of the shipping and fulfillment process. It protects your products from bumps and bruises and is the first thing your customer sees when it shows up at their door. It’s your brand’s first impression in-person and it’s a big deal. Packaging in ecommerce came out of necessity for protecting the most important thing, the product that the customer ordered.   
Our packing experts will work with you and your product’s specifications, and provide solutions for packaging options to ensure safe transport and delivery
We do take online and offline orders and also do importing and exporting of the product across the globe. our company has its own shipping facilities, we do not have to do these things with any third party! we have our own shipping team which provides these services where ever the product is needed to be delivered!  
We have each facility that a company should have with them but many companies don't provide.
Also after getting the orders in bulk our team will come for the inspection of the products.
Our company is doing an ecommerce business all over the world. we are fulfilling the requirments of the buyers of one country and vice versa. It’s a b2b company which we are doing all over the world. Our company is making the path of doing trade in between the countries like Afghanistan, Kabul etc. Our company has all modes of payment sources, as well as it’s an online & offline service provider. Also if anyone wants to be a part of our company then their can visit our website which is www.silkways.com and by this one can also get do register their products with us!

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  • Established In: 01-Aug-2017

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