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Afghanistan White Walnuts

  • FOB Price:USD 15 kg [$ 14.60 kg]
  • Min.Order Quantity:1 kg
  • Supply Ability:10 Tones kg / 1 Month
  • Port:Kabul Airport
  • Payment Terms:Online,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram, Other,
  • Quantity: kg
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TPCC is one of the leading producers of dry fruit & nuts in the world. We have
been in this business for generations, infused with our history and culture. We are a
consortia of dry fruit & nuts producers in Afghanistan. The consortia of Afghan dry fruit &
nuts producers are among the more innovative, experienced and dependable producers in
the country.
We are now in the process of fully re-integrating into the global dry fruit & nuts market,
after decades of war and economic isolation. Our main focus is to directly supply dry fruit
& nuts buyers from the world’s major markets through B2B & B2C models.
To do so effectively, we have grouped into consortia of producers. By forming consortia,
we offer international buyers a wide selection of dry fruit & nuts, and are able to
effectively meet large quantity orders. We also pool our individual years of experience, to
guarantee buyers a reliable supply of top quality dry fruit & nuts.
We are collectively committed to supply only the highest quality of dry fruit & nuts.
We look forward to working in partnership with you now and into the future.
We are a consortia of dry fruit & nuts producers in Afghanistan.
TamadonOur Productions:
  1. Seeds Production 
  2. Nursery Crop Production
  3. Quality Rice Production
  4. Saffron Production
  5. Soy Bean Production
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  1. The shipping of the products will be done by Air Cargo.
  2. The packaging will be based on as per the customer's orders.
Product is important for its value and quality. We offer in bulk as well
as per market demand. Tamadon (ASSC) manages the life cycle of its
products. It introduces new products every now and then and wants
to stay competitive in market. Product management is key function of
the organizational structure of Tamadon (ASSC). The Product
management section of Tamadon (ASSC) is composed of talented
Employees who always focus on product management.

Also Other Services -
  • Agricultural Trainings 
  • Survey & Research
  • Live Stock Services
  • Drip & Irrigation Systems
  • Green Houses
  • Be Hives & Equipments
The Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company based in
Afghanistan, is a high experienced seed company active in research,
production, processing and marketing of a very wide range of 
Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company maintains along
term strong relationship with both customers and suppliers, as a
leading agricultural company.
Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company is composed of
companies which can present and provide quality products and
services in different fields of agriculture.
Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company produces, sells, and
markets more than 150 selected standard vegetable quality seeds for
distributors on the National & International markets.
Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company originally is created in
2012. In collaboration with our selected seed growers and competent
employees, we ensure Your Future Harvest.
Our vision is to be the favourite collaborator for leading international
vegetable seed companies. We produce vegetable seeds of the
highest possible physical and genetic quality to fulfil the demands
of the customers’ world wide. Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services
Company is specialised in the contract production of a
great number of species of vegetable and Wheat seeds.
Tamadon Agricultural & Seeds Services Company makes major
investment in the development of new Wheat, Dried Fruit & Vegetable
varieties. These investment have already led to leading varieties in
Wheat, Almonds, Dried Apricots, Pistachios, Walnuts, Dried Figs, Better
Gourd, Cucumber, cauliflower, Carrot, Cabbage, Eggplant, Leek, Lettuce,
Melon, Okra, Onion, Pepper, Pumpkin, Squash, Tomato and Watermelon.
Tamadon (ASSC) is an import/export house of quality Vegetables, Wheat seeds
& Dried Fruits. We assure that whatever product we produce and supply, there
will be no compromise on quality and purity.Because foreign seeds are admired by Afghan farmers as it has good result in Afghanistan.
Now we want to import mostly vegetable seeds from (Italy, Holland, France, Denmark,Spain, Turkey etc).

While Afghanistan is an agricultural country, it imports over 90% of its seeds, mainly
from Pakistan, China, and Turkmenistan. These seeds are produced on large farms and
grown with the aid of genetic modification and pesticides. Not only traditions and seed
diversity being eradicated, but many Afghans are finding themselves with new
allergies as a result of the chemically induced practices. Afghans are frequently
unsatisfied with the taste and flavour of that which is grown from imported seeds
relative to heritage seeds.
Tamadon (ASSC) strongly believes in slow and steady growth by providing
friendly support to the farmers. Continual improvement in the products and
need based research is the major reason behind the successful business in
Afghanistan. Tamadon (ASSC) diversify its business into Four business line including.

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Tamadon Group
  • Country: Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Established In: 25-Sep-2017

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