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Super Economies

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Our times are characterized not by estranged Superpowers amassing formidable arsenals but by engaged societies building a robust global economy.
Emerging countries are redefining the geo-economic (and geopolitical) dynamic.
The twenty-first century will be led, says Raghav Bahl, by a handful of Super Economics__ large prosperous countries with a high growth rate, ranking among the world’s top trading partners, commanding 15 to 20 percent of global GDP, having nuclear arms but using economics leadership to effect significant change.
“An analytical account of the future of global power dynamics and the dominant role Super Economies are set to play in this evaluation” SUNIL MITTAL
“A refreshing, optimistic account of the future” FAREED ZAKARIA
With its demographic advantage, a surplus of skilled labour, a potentially rising GDP, a strategic geographic location and a new, decisive political leadership, India has every chance of becoming the third Super Economy after the USA and China. Drawing on history, current affairs, and political and economic analyses. Super Economies porjects how India can soon become a world leader and help secure a future of peace and prosperity for all.
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