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Knowledge Encyclopedia

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DISCOVER the mysteries of  TutanKhamun's tomb, what powers tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes, and the white-hot nuclear furnace inside the Sun.
SEE the birth of a star, the inside of a T-rex, and the secrets held within our DNA.
JOURNEY bac in time to the building of the Great Wall of China, the wonder of Parthenon in ancient Athens, and the battlefield of two World Wars.
INVESTIGATE signals from space, the invisible forces of magnetism, and the chemistry of wireworks.

Using jaw-dropping computer-generated artworks, DK's Knowledge Encyclopedia uncovers the marvels of spaces, earth, nature, the human body, science, and history in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism.Packed full of astonishing facts, dynamic timelines, and amazing images, this compelling family encyclopedia makes even complex subjects easy to grasp and absorb at a glance. 
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