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Women's Wear

  • CNF Price:USD 263 Pieces [$ 262.80 Pieces]
  • Min.Order Quantity:1000 Pieces
  • Supply Ability:Depends upon the order Pieces / 1 Month
  • Port:Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Payment Terms:Online,Western Union,MoneyGram, Other,
  • Quantity: Pieces
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Founded in 2015, Laman – an Afghan led fashion label, offers unique pieces- a fusion of western designs with traditional Afghan elements and handcraft. While promoting local arts, they are focusing to contribute and revive the cultural heritage of Afghanistan.

Laman envisions to re-discover, the 'almost forgotten' ethnic traditional hand craft such as embroidery, mainly produced by women who have inherited the skills over generations. Styles and material varies from region to region and family to family. Combining these with new patterns and materials Laman is opening a new avenue for Afghan fashion into the modern world. A modern world yet unfamiliar with Afghanistan’s cultural heritage and detailed beautifully made elements that are traditionally incorporated into traditional Afghan wear, both for women and men.

Laman, as a proud Afghan brand seek to contribute in shaping the country’s new face through its visionary approach and by creating unique products. It takes pride in its mission: #MadeInAfghanistan.
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  • Country: Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Established In: 09-Oct-2017

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